The Freeman Percussion Ensemble is a an extracurricular ensemble that meets in the spring semester.  Under the direction of Percussion Instructor, Matt Goves, the ensemble explores in-depth, more advanced percussion techniques.  They perform at the Spring Concert each May.  The Percussion Ensemble is open to anyone, regardless of what instrument they play.

The Freeman Concert Band performs at school assemblies, competitions and concerts throughout the school year.  This is a co-curricular ensemble that meets during specific class periods.  Rehearsals outside of regular school hours will also be held.  The Concert Band is the entry-level, or "regular" band class.  This ensemble continues to help the development of the student musician, teaches the musical responsibilities required to be a productive member of the ensemble and begins to explore advanced high school literature.  Students will earn 1 academic credit for participation in this ensemble.

The DSF Marching Mavericks is​ the name of our award-winning marching band.  This is a highly competitive ensemble consisting of winds, percussion and color guard.  We perform​ at Friday night football games, both home and away, and in various Saturday competitions​  throughout the fall. This is a co-curricular ensemble that will meet during the fall semester as an “Early Bird” class. Students earn .5 hours of “honors” credit for participation.

The DSF Jazz Ensemble is comprised of advanced musicians who will explore various styles of jazz including swing, Latin, fusion, and rock.  Membership is by audition only.  All Jazz Ensemble members must also be in the Wind Ensemble and are required to participate in the Marching Band.  Additionally, all members of the jazz ensemble are​ required to audition for All-District/All-County Band, and participate if accepted.

The Freeman Color Guard is a part of the Marching Mavericks.  The Guard provides movement, dance, color, and visual enhancement to the music and drill design of the field show.  Membership is by audition only.  All members of the Color Guard are required to participate in every rehearsal, performance or event along with the Marching Band. Students will earn .5 honors academic credit for participation.

The Freeman Wind Ensemble is the premiere concert ensemble at Freeman.  This "audition only" ensemble is made up of the most advanced wind and percussion players in the band program.  Students explore classic and contemporary wind band literature that demands musical maturity.  The Wind Ensemble meets during a specific class period, but occasionally rehearsals outside of class may be held.  The Band Director will hold auditions for this ensemble in the spring semester for the following school year.  Students will earn 1 academic credit for participation in this ensemble.​  The Wind Ensemble performs at various assemblies, concerts and competitions throughout the school year.  All members of the Wind Ensemble are required to audition for All-District/All-County Band, and participate if accepted.

​​Douglas S. Freeman High School Bands

Rob Blankenship, Director